IT Services

The most common understanding of a support and maintenance plan is to ‘keep the systems up running smoothly and efficiently’. Little other thought is given to the level of support or the services offered through a managed IT service agreement. While maintaining the integrity of an IT environment is extremely important, it is just as important to support the system to make sure it can withstand the pressures we put it under and the threats from outside sources intent on causing destruction and mayhem. All businesses are aware of the impact of technical outages where critical services are not available for a period of time. To minimise this risk to the business it is important to maintain your equipment physically and logically. Equally as important is to be engaged with a trusted support operation capable of responding effectively to your day to day support needs and in times of crisis.
Most businesses will have an insurance policy; it’s essential if you wish to protect your assets. Managed IT Services is an insurance policy for your IT environment. As one of the most crucial services offered by Trimble Networks, the support and management plans are structured to deliver preventative maintenance and a close to hand support service. Combining a bundle of support hours with daily, weekly and monthly environment checks to ensure all critical services are in check, with periodic reporting to ensure your business is kept well-informed of your IT position.

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