Paxton-Hall Lawyers - Server & Workstation replacement

Paxton-Hall Lawyers is an independent Queensland law firm that delivers outstanding advice in the complementary areas of company and commercial, wills and estates, not-for-profit law and property law. As a long standing client Paxton-Hall looked to Trimble Networks to upgrade their server and domain controller.

With the server and desktop hardware now just over 5 years old they were starting to show their age performance wise and with the desktop operating system being Windows 7 Pro it was about to go End of Life.

The decsion was made to replace the server and desktop hardware at the same time. New HPE server hardware was installed as a 2016 Hyper-V host server running a virtualised domain controller / file server and Remote Desktop Server. The desktop PCs were replaced with HP desktop minis ,running Windows 10 Pro, to free up some much needed deskspace for the users.

The transition to the new systems was completed with minimal interruption to the business and end users.

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