Fresh Strata Management - Office 365 Migration

Organisation: Sydney based strata organisation that leads as a provider of specialist and professional strata, community and company management services for all sizes and levels of complexity.

Challenge: Trimble Networks provided the overarching technical roadmap. The first stage of the roadmap involved a level of de-risking the operation and reducing on premise complexity through the implementations of Microsoft office 365 hosted exchange platform.

Solution: The strategy required the necessary design and deployment plan to achieve the following ;

  • Technical roadmap 
  • Cloud based email strategy 
  • Server refresh planning
The delivered solution incorporated the following cloud solutions and concepts to achieve the required outcome ;
  • Office 365 Exchange 
  • Office 365 Software upgrade

Our Partners

  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Office 365
  • Cloud Power
  • HP
  • Telstra Apps Marketplace
  • Sophos Silver Partner