Geocal Construction Group - Server Refresh and Virtualisation

Organisation: Geocal Constructions Pty Ltd is an Australian based professional Building and Project Management firm who construct a variety of projects using thier experience to best suit thier clients requirements, or the markets' needs.

Challenge: The Geocal Group server was due to be refreshed to mitigate risk of failure. Geocal Group were also also looking to implement a document management solutions in the near future so required more compute resources. A solution had to be considered that could meet the future growth of the company whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

The strategy required the necessary design and deployment plan to achieve the following:

  • Physical Server Infrastructure
  • Establish a virtual infrastructure platform
  • Backup of Hyper-V
Solution:  The delivered solution incorporated the following server and infrastructure deployment and management to achieve the required outcome:
  • Active Directory to Server 2012 R2
  • Primary File/Print Server to Server 2012 R2
The delivered solution incorporated the following Backup and disaster Recovery platforms:
  • StorageCraft Shadow Protect continuous protection

Our Partners

  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Office 365
  • Cloud Power
  • HP
  • Telstra Apps Marketplace
  • Sophos Silver Partner