Fox and Thomas Lawyers

Organisation: Fox and Thomas secures its client’s security, wealth and success through ethical, strategic and innovative legal and commercial advice.  Their origins are in Goondiwindi in south-west Queensland and their expertise is focused on agribusiness clients.  With offices in Goondiwindi, St George and Brisbane the practice areas include Relationship Law, Business Services, Agribusiness, Estate Planning, Property and Not for Profit.

Challenge: As a geographically dispersed operation that understands the importance of working collaboratively, Fox and Thomas leverage technology to its fullest. Due to the remote locations of the offices delivering, centralised services to allow the level of collaboration is a challenge. With a strong working partnership Trimble Networks has helped to address a number these requirements including;

  • Centralised Line of Business systems
    • Open Practice - Integrated Practice Management
    • Redmap - Document Management System
    • Lawdocs - Legal documentation automation
    • Email - Archival and litigation hold and search
  • Remote access and video conferencing
  • Remote support and management
  • Connectivity (Goondiwindi, Saint George and Brisbane)
  • High Availability of Services
Solution: Central to the delivery of the business solutions is the underlying core infrastructure. This includes the site and staff connectivity and cloud infrastructure that allows for this level of system integration and collaboration. The ongoing management and support of the environment then plays a critical part in the day to day running, strategic planning and risk mitigation. Working with the organisation over the years Trimble Networks has employed the following technologies to meet these requirements;

Proactive Support and Maintenance - Trimble Networks is viewed as the IT division for Fox and Thomas. Responsible for live monitoring, maintenance, reporting and strategic planning for the delivery of business systems. Leveraging the support and management platforms our specialised support staff are able to provide seamless remote support to the users.

Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 Server and SAN infrastructure - Virtualisation platform providing high availability servers. The SAN provides centralised storage that can be easily scaled and assigned where required, while the clustered Hyper-V platform allow virtual servers to be migrated between physical units where required. The environment is remotely managed and monitored by Trimble Networks

Backup and Disaster Recovery - Leveraging Storagecraft's Shadow Protect products backups of all core systems are taken every 2 hours providing file level, full system and virtual recovery of systems.

Office 365 Exchange Online - Provides high availability email communications, contact and calendar collaboration combined with advanced archive features.

TrimbleNet Wide Area Network (WAN)- Delivers bonded DSL, high speed ADSL and symmetric DSL services, delivering affordable connectivity to the sites.

WAN optimisation - Due to the limited connectivity options and importance of the WAN, Riverbed stealheads have been deployed providing unparalleled optimisation of WAN traffic. Recent reviews have showed a 32% reduction of WAN traffic due to the technology implemented

Our Partners

  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Office 365
  • Cloud Power
  • HP
  • Telstra Apps Marketplace
  • Sophos Silver Partner