Cogent Scaffolding- Server Replacement

Organisation: Cogent Scaffolding is one of Queensland's largest 100% Australian, privately owned scaffolding companies. Providing specialist scaffolding services for the commercial, industrial, civil and resource sectors.

Challenge: Due to the age of the existing server hardware it was decided to take the opportunity to replace both the hardware and update the server operating system.

Solution: The strategy required the necessary design and deployment plan to achieve the following ;

  • Physical Server Infrastructure
  • Establish a virtual infrastructure platform
  • Provisioning of Active Directory Environment with Azure AD Replication
  • Provisioning of an Collaboration Environments leveraging Office 365
  • Provisioning of a Remote Access Solution

Our Partners

  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Office 365
  • Cloud Power
  • HP
  • Telstra Apps Marketplace
  • Sophos Silver Partner