CDI Lawyers

Organisation: CDI Lawyers specialise in the construction, development and infrastructure industries. Based in Milton, Queensland their new offices needed a complete IT solution provider.  Trimble Networks has provided the advice and support for all their services.

Challenge: As a newly established business CDI Lawyers were looking for a turnkey solution in relation to their IT and Telephony needs.

Solution: While the core delivery of Trimble Networks was to deliver the underlying IT platforms and infrastructure, we played a trusted advisor role, working with Key stakeholders in ensuring all technical aspects were addressed. Assisting with vendor selection and providing best practice review processes in assessing the options available.

The resulting service to the client included:

  • IT Strategy Consulting
  • Assistance with Vendor or Consultant Selection
  • End to End Project Management
  • Implementation and provisioning of platforms
  • On-going environment management and support

From a technology perspective the solution was aimed at delivering:
  • Line of Business systems
    • LawMaster Practice Management System
    • Dictation Systems
  • Collaboration systems
    • Email, calendar and contact
    • Messaging, online collaboration and video conferencing
    • Intranet and secure data room
  • Telephony Services
  • Secure Wireless Access
  • Remote Access
  • Standard Desktop Environment
  • Mobile computing through tablet devices
  • Cloud integration for identity management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery with 2hr backup and offsite replication
  • Cost effective cloud and infrastructure deployment
  • High speed internet access

Line of business systems: Working with both vendors and client stakeholders Trimble Networks worked with the organisation in the review and selection process. On selection of the LawMaster practice management system we then provisioned the necessary server infrastructure and worked with the vendor in the successful deployment and integration of the platform.

Collaboration systems and cloud identity integration: Leveraging Telstra/Microsoft Office 365 platform the project delivered a secure cloud platform environment integrated with on-premise controls. This platform was then leveraged to deliver:
  • Email, calendar and contact through Office 365 Exchange Enterprise 3 licensing
  • Messaging, online collaboration and video conferencing through Office 365 Lync services
  • Intranet and secure data room through Office 365 SharePoint services Office 365 Software provides standardised and current office applications for all users
Virtualised Infrastructure: Leveraging Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualisation platform the three on premise servers co-exist on a single HP hardware platform.  This reduces capital costs and ongoing hosting costs, while still delivering the relevant server platforms to service the organisation.

Standard Desktop Environment: Through the development of a standard desktop image, desktops and tablets can be quickly and effectively deployed or rebuilt while maintaining standard applications across all machines. This drastically improves the supportability of the environment, keeps productivity high and support costs low.

Secure Wireless Access: Leveraging the Ubiquity wireless platform integrated with the active directory environment all wireless access to the network is controlled at both a corporate and guest level while being centrally managed. With the advent of additional sites this platform can be easily deployed in a consistent manner. The platform is managed and controlled by Trimble Networks ensuring devices are managed and maintained with full reporting capabilities.

Backup and Disaster Recovery: Leveraging Storagecraft's Shadow Protect products backups of all core systems are taken every 2 hours providing file level, full system and virtual recovery of systems. These backups are then replicated to a secure hosted facility managed and controlled by Trimble Networks.

Our Partners

  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Office 365
  • Cloud Power
  • HP
  • Telstra Apps Marketplace
  • Sophos Silver Partner