Australian Reef Pilots - Office 365 Tenancy Migration

Organisation: Australian Reef Pilots provides marine pilotage services for vessels transiting the shipping channels of the Great Barrier Reef. They also offer customised, highly professional pilotage and advisory services for special ships, including superyachts, cruiseships and military vessels.  Australian Reef Pilots engaged Trimble Networks to migrate their existing Office365 tenancy into their CRM tenancy to enable better integration between their email and CRM.

Challenge: Having two Office 365 tenancies, one for email and the other for CRM, was starting to prove problematic. The decisison was made to migrate the email tenancy into the CRM tenancy to allow for a better and easier user experience along with better integration of CRM and email.

Solution: The delivered solution incorporated the following cloud solutions and concepts to achieve the required outcome:

  • Skykick Migration
  • Office 365 Exchange
  • Office 365 Lync
  • Office 365 SharePoint
  • Office 365 CRM

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